05 July 2017


This plant arrived as a tiny wee thing about six years ago, and has met with benign neglect every since. It's needed repotting for the past four years or so, and has struggled on. Just look at those roots!
It seems to be a Haworthia, and a care tip is not to water them too much. Possibly I overwatered when repotting? Haworthias do well in lower light conditions, ie not on the sunny windowsill.

Or it could be an aloe? Aloes like more light and water.

Time will tell. I've moved the new pots off the sunny windowsill, just in case.
Too much light? Too many plantlets in each pot?
This one's been settled into its (rather larger) pot for some years, too -
Another haworthia? It does well in sunlight, as long as it gets enough water. So, maybe an aloe?

The more photos I look at on the internet, the more confused I get. I'll go to the library and get a book.

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