11 July 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Maritime Museum / Queen's House

Stone balustrades have both fascinated and frustrated me, so I sat outside and got to grips with this lot -
 Plunging in with pen (and learning how to look more carefully as the page filled with curves, angles, spacing) -
By the third page I'd lost the plot in an attempt to use tone, negative space, negative tone, and goodness knows what else all at once -
Carol was inside the Queen's House, looking up at the gallery of the central room -
 Janet B revisited her fascination with Old River Thames -
 Jo's objects of interest included a dingo from a painting -
Judith took views near and far -
 Her tools include markers and waterbrushes -
 I went back to the Queen's House and joined a short tour, during which we were told about the many films that this floor has appeared in -
 and that the ceiling decoration is by Richard Wright, abstracted from elements of the famous Tulip Stairs -
 It took 5 artists 9 days to do the gold-leafing -
 Another angle on the external stairs and their balustrades -
  and then it was Goodbye Greenwich.

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