15 April 2018

"All Too Human"

... an exhibition subtitled "Bacon, Freud and a century of painting life" - at Tate Britain until 27 August.

Wandering through, I didn't pay solid attention but was pleased to find a roomful of work by an artist new to me - F.N. Souza (1924-2002), who came to the UK from Bombay/Mumbai in 1949, working initially as a journalist. After various exhibitions and increasing success in London, in 1967 he moved to New York. "His style was deliberately eclectic: essentially Expressionist in character, but also drawing on the post-war Art Brut movement and elements of British Neo-romanticism. His work was often highly erotic." (via)

Crucifixion, 1959

Souza's signature, and the other "asemic" writing marks,
are intriguing
Most of the work by Paula Rego (b.1935) shown in this exhibition - a room full - was new to me -
Watercolour and ink - but title not known, I forgot to
photograph the label


Detail of Bride, 1994 - a large-scale pastel,
wonderful use of the medium
Among the younger artists, this work by Lynette Yiadom-Boayake - though not the largest in the room - leapt out, perhaps because of those tiny but telling areas of light -

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