13 April 2018

Woodblock Wednesday

Continuing on the ikat theme, I cut another block to complement the first ikat block, this time using the wide U-gouge (the first was done with the narrow gouge). Which doesn't seem to make much difference!

Combining red and black -

Close-up ... the registration wasn't exact and the effect is good
 Various effects through simple placement - and slightly different blocks -
 The aim is to make "visual" books, with a sequence of gradually changing pages. The format could be "japanese binding" or it could be a concertina.

Before the next Wednesday session I'll research ways of joining the pages already made, and think about whether they need additional elements, and what to use as covers.
Once these are books, with just two prints showing at each page spread, they will "read" quite differently.

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irene macwilliam said...

Love the black and red prints.