24 April 2018

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

Many or most of use were in the "Early Europe" section. 

My object of focus was this pendant with its emeralds, sapphires and pearls - it led to a couple of good conversations with passers-by - 
 Enough of us were BM members that we could use the members' room, and by great good luck the big table was (almost) free -
 Out came the sketchbooks and...
 Jo's Staffordshire (pottery) dovecote -
Janet K's cat, or rather John Craxton's, from the "three friends in greece" exhibition -
 Carol's collection of small objects -
 Janet B's head of Claudius (or Nero), with the asymmetrical ears -
  My bits of jewellery made between 400 and 700 AD -
 Sue's bronze headdress from the Stony Stratford hoard, 3rd-4th century AD
 Michelle's graphite portraits of sculpted portraits -
 Joyce's Roman glass -
 Mags' exploration of "Town & Country" earthenware, American, 1945 -
 Najlaa's Spanish tiles -

 On the extra-curricular front, Mags has been reworking sketches based on the Wellcome's Electricity exhibition for the latest Sketchbook Project -

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