18 April 2018

Wednesday is woodblock day

In the quest to make some of the current prints into some sort of book, I spent quite a good chunk of time looking at my bookmaking books - call it research, why not - and rather less time physically doing anything. 

From the handful of ideas I started with a very simple one - a long folded strip, ending up as a little square book. Making samples brought up new possibilities.

What if, instead of cutting the print into three (to get the square) it was cut in half and the bottom folded up to make a pocket on the back? Yes, that would work - but the area above the fold would need some sort of printing, if only a plain colour - well, why not add a few "holes" - ah yes, constellations ...

Here they are ready to cut - and then to be printed on some of the "spare" sheets of last week's "ikat" - 
The non-spare sheets, at bottom right, will be bound together and have a Khadi cover, onto which I'll glue or sew some ikat fabric. Which means I need to find the red ikat that I know is here somewhere.... 

An hour of searching found some interesting items, and a few that went into the bin unrecorded, but not a scrap of ikat. Plan B is to print "something" onto the cover. Meanwhile I can get on with the little folded books, which require a printing session and some hard covers (5cm square) into which the books will be glued. This fabric, shibori on silk organza, made maybe 15 years ago, might be just the thing, in the absence of ikat -
I'll make a sort of book cloth by backing it with iron-on interfacing. Another possibility is to attach cloth to paper by using fusible web.

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