21 April 2018

Then and now - a year ago, in photos

The magic of modern technology means that Google puts a message on your phone, if you have a year's worth of pictures stored, something like "Revisit your life a year ago" and you can cyberjump to April 21, 2017 and see what you were up to. And perhaps remember where that was, or what that was....

I seem to have been up to much the same things!

(1) Swooning over frilly tulips in my little garden -

(2) Lusting about books I might start reading, but never finish - 
Daunt Books, Hampstead Heath, 2018

A tasty selection, 2017
(3) Working at my desk - 
Desk (in alcove) hides books waiting for bookshelves, 2017

Improvised "standing desk", 2018
(lovely bookshelves either side!)

1 comment:

Living to work - working to live said...

I love it when Google reminds me what I was doing a year, maybe three, ago. Lovely little prompts.

And like you, at this time of year it seems to be the thrill of tulips. I a latecomer to tulips! How did I not relays their wonder for so long?