03 April 2018

Drawing Tuesday - St Pancras Station

Victorian architecture was all around

 and we were sitting comfortably in a cafe, so what did I decide to draw......
The aim, which I temporarily lost sight of, was to make a colourful background so as to use white ink to almost obscure it -
 ... sort of like this -
 It was very pleasant and soothing to make a simple pattern - or two -
Janet B used the subject closest to hand, and added a bit of infinite regression -
 Is it infinite regression to draw the other drawers? -
 Judith had done several views of the Betjeman statue -
 ... and some views of the cafe crowd -
 Sue chose brickwork detailing -
Joyce captured a few diners in the cafe, and then her pen ran out, so she had to change colour - which worked well -
Carol caught the metal gleam of the huge "lovers" statue, then deftly added some nice architectural detail -
 Janet K was outside at the British Library, with Paolozzi's huge Newton -
 ... and once inside, found an intriguing reflection -
Once again, apologies for the colour cast in the photos. We were sat underneath umbrellas housing some heaters that sporadically sprang into glowing life.

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Sandy said...

I love that idea of the white patterns over the coloured patches.