01 May 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Docklands Museum

My choice of object was a "tunnel book" (aka peepshow) of the Thames Tunnel, produced in 1827 -
 Here's a peep at the long view -
 ... and my drawing was about getting the proportions, perspective, and views through the cutout arches to work out. I learned a lot!
 Janet K persisted with the weave of the huge basket -
Jo tried several depictions of the course of the river, and was best pleased with this -
 Sue had to battle against the brightly lit floor to get the shadows as well as the cart itself -
 Carol had been outside, drawing one of the boats moored nearby -
Extracurricularly, Carol had been making felty flowerpot hangers - but preferred them turned inside out and looking rather like sea urchins -

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