29 May 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Horniman Museum

And what a lovely day we had for it! The bedding going on in the garden provided my warm-up -
 and while sitting with a cup of coffee I used the circle motif of the chairs

both times using the watersoluble pencils for the pleasure of "colouring in" with a waterbrush.

Jo found many things, including this anteater -
 Janet K tackled the perspective of the greenhouse -
 and Joyce drew the cityscape onto a photocopy of a painting from a magazine -
 Najlaa had a different perspective on the bedding -
 Judith found this spectacular flower (what is it?) -
Two views of the pergola, by Sue -
 and from a different angle, by Carol -
 Janet B depicted, among other things, a sloth -

Last week Carol was at Tate Modern, admiring the view -

Extracurricular? - sort of ... Najlaa wondered how to use the silicone stamps for printing - we suggested gluing them to blocks of wood with an appropriate glue, perhaps using the back of stamps she already has -
 I had a few bits of "old work" to distribute to anyone who was interested -

On the way home - in the museum grounds, this gorgeous tree, an acacia perhaps? -
 and elsewhere, the shadow of a chestnut -
 Time for another coffee (and cake) at Highbury Barn -
 and startled to find myself sitting beside this hybrid object -


mycamerandme365 said...

I think that the 'unknown' flower is a New Zealand native plant, common name is Parrot's Beak.

Margaret Cooter said...

Thanks, I'll let Judith know.