04 May 2018

Revisiting graphite

From 7 February 2012, when I was developing my "over-writing" project in the Book Arts course. It might be time to revisit it, and to use graphite more extensively and experimentally.


Another strand to this project is to be aware of subtle things and " meaningful accidents". For instance, using a fine pen that was running out of ink needed really hard pressure, and the paper underneath ended up covered with impressions - and the sheet of paper under that one still showed some marks - so before covering it with graphite, I used the defective pen to write another text, which bit deep into the paper. After 9B graphite had been added and polished, it became reflective and almost readable -
On the other side, a light coat of graphite on the raised texture of the writing, and denser graphite around the edges to try to pick up the fainter marks of the ghost writing -
It looks like "nothing" - and in a way, it is...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, mysterious nothings!