18 May 2018

The "new" Royal Academy

After much hoo-haa the enlarged Royal Academy has officially opened, expanding into what was once the Museum of Mankind, where I spent many a happy hour and where, thanks to an all-day free event about Palestinian costume, I rediscovered "the itch to stitch" ... and that made all the difference ...

What was different at the RA, apart from the fresh paint and extra space (high ceilings!) was the incorporation of bits of "history", such as these fragments mounted high on the walls of the bridging section between the buildings -
 We went to see Tacita Dean's "Landscape" show - gorgeous drawings on slate -
cloudscapes roiling at low level...

... and hanging high up in the sky...
I was delighted by her collection of four, five, six, seven and nine leaf clovers -
1972 to present

A large gallery contains important historical works - some enormous paintings and smaller things like these amazing engravings -

And tracings (!) of costumes, research for medieval paintings by Millais -

A lovely little courtyard, a rest for the eye -
but perhaps the opening day came just a bit too soon? -

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patty a. said...

The temporary handrail made me chuckle! Since I work in the construction industry I can relate having to rig a temporary solution so that a space can be occupied. I would love to see what the actual handrails look like once they are installed.