22 May 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Tate Britain

This bit of crazy colourfulness is on the way to the gallery, part of a building under construction -
 but I'd also seen a lot of this -
 and it was the leafiness that won out, as I sat in the shade and tried to catch the shadows - it was windy, they kept moving! - first as lines (with watersoluble pencils) and then using the dregs of my coffee to activate the colours -
 All very pleasant, and a good warm-up for some serious stuff "inside", getting to know a seemingly simple Barbara Hepworth sculpture -
Sue started with a dark pastel paper for drawing the unidentified lounging woman in the Anthea Hamilton exhibit (it's Henry Laurens’ 1948 bronze, Autumn)-
Intersecting shadows, by Judith -
Najlaa's perseverance in tracing the contours of an Antony Gormley piece has paid off -
 Joyce stayed outdoors, using grey and black for shapes, shadows, and foliage -
 Janet K spent the morning with Rebecca Warren's "Come, Helga" -

Tool of the week - the pencil extender means you can use even the smallest stub!

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