15 May 2018

Drawing Tuesdays - getting up to date

One of the good things about being back from holiday is getting back to Drawing Tuesdays. While I was away, Sue documented the group's work on her blog -
1st May
8th May

I did some quick - and really rough - sketches while hurrying through old buildings on Tuesdays while I was away, so as to "look harder and see better". Works of art they are not, but they take me back to the object and to the moment.
Polychrome saint ... St Peter - in Villalcazar de Siguera

Leon cathedral - one of the many beautiful 13th century stained glass windows,
and a little corner of a wall paining

"Travel lines" on the bus from Leon to Oviedo, and
a bit of mountain scenery on the way back to town after visiting a couple
of pre-Romanesque buildings (9th century)

San Miguel and San Lorenzo, 13th century, in the
wonderful Asturias fine arts museum in Oviedo,
and some "portable art" carved on bone before 11,500BC,
seen in the archaeological museum in Oviedo

Column heads (12th century) and a 13th century Madonna
and Child from the archaeological museum - it looks like she's
holding a potato!

The flimsy, floppy but light notebook I took along - A7 size

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