15 July 2018

Another gardening weekend

It's been three weeks since work on the T&G's back garden started in earnest (see early stages here). It feels like it's come a very long way in a short time!

Gemma brought back some plants from a garden centre she visited with her parents - Fatsia japonica variegata, a curly hydrangea, a jasmine, and a rescued honeysuckle -
 They had to sit in their pots for quite a while ... until this heap of leftover bricks could be moved -
 ... which happened on Saturday. But first, brunch in the sunshine -
Croissants from the supermarket, and home made fruit salad
The handmade bricks, 256 of them, are now for resale on ebay -
Frequent pauses -
 but by 5pm, trellis had been bought and put up, and the honeysuckle tied on -
The fatsia and the hydrangea were in the ground, and the eucalyptus (bought last year and still in its pot) had been moved from the front garden, ready for planting -
The extra boards are for redoing a section of the fence (see previous photo)
Three weeks after purchase, the purple calibrachoa has spread gratifyingly and is blooming profusely, and the echinacea is looking pretty good too -
There wasn't much to do on Sunday, apart from buying a gas barbecue and assembling it - and burning some meat on it, sort of an offering to the gods ...
One man and his barbie
Beyond the folding doors, in the new extension, is where the kitchen will be, one day. Meanwhile the garden really does function as a room, or rather, rooms - sitting room, kitchen, dining room. Storage, meanwhile, is in boxes in the most distant rooms - we retrieved plates and cutlery; if the weather holds, they'll be in great demand for barbecue dinners -

All this is quite a change from "the early days" - 55 weeks ago -

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patty a. said...

Amazing! The back garden looks fantastic!