09 July 2019

Drawing Tuesday - at the South Bank

Of course there are always lots of people milling about. Removed from academia's timetables, we didn't expect there to be graduation ceremonies going on (UCL at RFH), so it seemed a bit confusing at first with all the new PhDs and MAs in their gowns, and their families dressed up in various ways. And, importantly, the fact that most of the RFH building was a no-go area for hoi polloi. No access to the lofty terraces with fine views! No quiet retreat for us; find a Plan B.

Outdoors, Carol paid close attention to a dolphin lamp post and the view beyond -
Jo had brought along her felt pens, some of which turned out to be old and somewhat dried up, but made interesting work nonetheless -

 Sue and I sat at a table by the cafe window. She took the long view -
but while getting a cup of coffee I had discovered the remnants of the seeds and leaves collected at Fulham Palace (layout photographed, but the drawing not yet completed). So I laid out the fragments on the table and got to work with graphite stick, eraser, pencil and the finishing touch of colour from the coffee dregs -
Trying to get contrast - must try harder...

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