02 July 2019

Drawing Tuesday - V&A

The medieval rooms are one of my favourite parts of the V&A, and it seems the others in the group like them too.

Najlaa scooted off to the Mary Quant exhibition first, then found an Islamic subject -
 Carol tackled stained glass and promised to finish it later -
 Sue was attracted to the stained glass too -
 The standing figures that Janet K chose are from 1500-25 -

Extra-curricular activities

Carol's close observation -

 Sue's encounter with a Henry Moore -
 Najlaa's continuing daily drawings, inspired by found images -
 Janet K at the V&A earlier in the week -

Nearly forgot to add my own work - I had settled down in front of what turned out to be the Syon cope, attracted by the dragon and the many-winged seraph, when a woman came along and said she'd be bringing a tour group in half an hour and they'd be standing right where I was sitting. Hmm.
I carried on and got this far by the time the group approached -
Nearby were these floor tiles* from about 1300 - a nice simple subject -
At home during the week I tidied it up a bit - lots of erasing -
Now you can actually see the pattern -
What I learned from this: Be Bolder! Get some contrast into the drawing. Never mind if it "goes wrong" ... go with the flow ... be bolder!!

* I spent a lot of time looking for a link to these tiles, and found many interesting things along the way. Can I draw your attention to an exhibition of old textiles collected by Seth Sieglaub that was held at Raven Row in 2012. A pdf of the catalogue is online and the textiles are beautifully photographed.

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