08 July 2019

Kew Gardens, always a revelation

The water lily house, with a bit of Chihully glass - one of the 26 installations of glass throughout the gardens -


looking in through the old windows

 The big border, how fabulous, changing through the seasons -

 The Hive (buzzing, in the background) -
Wonderful trees - each one is labelled. After a lot of guessing and then searching from the label, by the end of the day we could identify various types of oak (holm, english, red) and planes (london, oriental) and discovered that corylus was hazelnut, and could just about tell an Atlas Cedar from a pine or spruce, and distinguish swamp cypress from metasequoia. Just about.
a pyramidal London plane

my Arbre Du Jour - grey pine

world's largest smoke bush???
And just when you think you've seen it all, you come across a glade full of hydrangeas ...
 ... so you really, really notice the hydrangeas in gardens on the way back to the station -

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patty a. said...

What a beautiful garden! The white Cahuilly glass is gorgeous against the water lilies and the shape fit in perfectly.