09 September 2019

Bit of a tidy up

When visitors are expected, you tidy up a little, yes? And when they are houseguests, you clean properly...

I got carried away.

It all started with the clearing of the desk on 24 August. The desk has been clear ever since and the bare expanse of gleaming wood has made me smile with the pleasure of seeing it. But the area(s) beside the desk were suboptimal
5 Sept
 and they got a bit of a tidy-up - heaps were sifted through, and the recycling basket started filling up...
6 Sept, am
The parcels that had waited for months to be mailed were sent. The magazines were culled, and the space behind the chair was rationalised so that 3 years of World of Interiors is completely hidden ...
6 Sept, pm
If the gleaming desk made me happy, the bare floor doubled that joy!

Which left the rest of the room...

With the coffee table cleared and moved out of the way, the rug could get a good hoovering -
and could be rolled up, and the underlay folded up to be replaced by a new one that's been waiting for this moment for at least a year.
To get at the rug I had to move the chairs, and almost - almost - started to sort out those vases etc ... but reason (and pressure of time) prevailed. The chairs were simply replaced.
Back to normal, as ready for inspection as it ever would be...
... and only just in time!

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