10 September 2019

Drawing Tuesday - V&A

The ceramics department of the V&A always offers a lot of scope. I had figurines in mind, for some crazy reason, but definitely not this bunch -
 I did quite like this commedia dell'arte family -
 and "woman with a fish"
 but settled on these two...

 and couldn't resist the mythological(?) creature on this bowl -
They all fit on a page, and turned out rather pale...
Carol was bold -
 Joyce found pomegranates -

Sue's choice was a large sculpture by Peter Voulkos, "Standing Form" -
 ... and a teapot with orange peel glaze by Peter Meanley, 1994 (he's been a saltglaze teapot maker for several decades now) -
Najlaa found patterned plates by Patrick Caulfield (1992) and Peter Ting (1997) -

Janet K started with a couple of heads
 ... and moved on to a form by Merete Rasmussen -
 Judith liked the collection of shapes
 ... and the patterning of a huge plate that hangs on the wall -

 Extracurricular activities 

Carol had a vintage railway experience -

Janet K spent a family-filled fortnight at a cabin on a lake in Canada - this is the "shed" in its back yard -

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