29 September 2019

Time spent in Porto

We arrived in the pouring rain and dashed into a convenient bakery/coffee shop to wait out the shower -
 The view from the flat - some "new" buildings but lots of those old houses with tall doors and grilles and tiled walls -
At the church with all the tiles, we discovered that none of us was at all familiar with the practice of taking selfies ...
... so we had a go, with the church in the background. I found it more difficult than could be thought possible -
Portugal has those cute roosters everywhere, well in the souvenir shops at least -
not just in painted wood - even these wonky stuffed (fabric) ones were in a church gift shop -
OK Portugal is known for its fishy cuisine, but the sardine shops are really Something Else - tins embellished with year (hopefully not year of canning!) and curious facts...

Porto also has a signature dish, the Franchesinho. Meats in the middle, egg on top, and a sauce reminiscent of baked beans -
The sausage made it very salty and I didn't want to eat anything for the rest of the day. (There was not much along the lines of green veg, apart from padron peppers.)

Some city scenes - the first from the top of the church tower that we climbed, 240 steps of a rather narrow spiral staircase -
... and lots of "just houses" -

... these along the seafront -
... including some tiny old ones ...

... and others that looked like books, somehow -

The town is somewhat hilly, and the buildings cope with that -
Going "home" to make dinner, groceries in the bag ...

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