28 September 2019

Blogging today

Back from Spain/Portugal and with zillions of photos of course. Some are on instagram and here are a few more....

Let's start with Santiago, and I'll put aside Real Life and post more over the next week (promise!). I got a bit obsessed with the horreos (granaries) among which there are many nuances, and they are found in different situations - but I did not photograph EVERY one! Also I'll spare you most of the pix of meals, though they were very important at the time.
The quiet place

The busy place

Cathedral undergoing renovation

Under wraps

Secret stairway - this is one of my favourite photos from the entire trip.
It didn't look like this - the camera has changed the lighting
to the amazing greeny-yallery colour

The first of oh so many pastry shops! Of course we had to
eat oh so many pastries to keep our energy up....

Eating ice cream in the park near the pension, watching the crowds
in the twilight, such an everyday scene, with a fountain out of shot
After walking to Finisterre (Fisterra), we took the bus back to Santiago and had another look around (staying in the luxury of an airbnb - with a kitchen).

I collected pix of drainpipes -

 It was raining -
 ...and, whatever the weather, it's hilly -

 But we managed to find a bakery or two -

It's very tempting to leave off the blogging, rather than resuming after the break, but one motivation for doing the blog in the first place has been to create a record for myself, which now proves useful - and also surprising, when I dip back into the archives at random and come across things I'd completely forgotten. Plus it helps me organise my thinking - as I take photos, I think of how to present them on the blog, and often a story emerges with connections I wouldn't have made otherwise. (That doesn't work the same way on instagram; it has to do with the chore of typing on the phone.)

So I'll continue blogging, and will continue to try to do it daily, bringing a little discipline into my free-floating life!

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