03 January 2015

Granaries in northern Spain

A post about granaries - horreos - of the Iberian peninsula somehow deleted itself from my blog ... but these useful traditional buildings continue to fascinate me, and not just the Spanish ones. Ways of keeping rodents out of the grain supplies are needed everywhere!

Here are a few pictures to show similarity and variety.
Galicia (thanks to Juan at City Lit for this photo)
Somerset Museum of Rural Life (via) - note the straddle stones

Espigueiros in Portugal (via)
Iran (via)
Galicia again - though this one stands in front of a restaurant rather than on a farm (via)

Ceramic granary, Han dynasty (via) - a mingqi object for the afterlife
Ancient grain storage in the middle east (via)
Inca granary (restored), Bolivia (via)
Ethiopia (via)
And then there are these, an early 20th century format of grain elevator seen beside railways all over the North American prairies, storing wheat prior it being transported to mills -
Tilotson, Manitoba (via)

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