11 January 2015

Another excuse for wasting time

If you drill down through Blogger stats, you can find where the traffic to your blog comes from. Every now and then I find Pinterest on the list, and am curious to see what image from my blog has been shared in this way.

One particular image is never credited, even though there is a link in the caption -

This is no doubt because it was first picked up way back, when  Pinterest didn't ask for information about the item, and it's this image that has been finding itself onto other boards.

What a good excuse for perusing Pinterest - to find the image and, leaving a comment, give credit where credit is due!
But oh my, I quickly fell out of love with Pinterest, after scrolling through 1500 posts on several boards, and 6000 on one - all these desperately need culling, as many images appeared several times.

Amid all that visual fodder, it was hard to remember just what I was looking for, and (oh folly!) having come to the end, I had to go through the board again in the other direction...

There comes a point, doesn't there, when you simply don't want to see a lot of "irrelevant" work ... you don't want to be distracted from generating your own ideas, looking at and listening to the work in hand. It would be too easy to see something and think "that looks like fun, I'll make one of those" - and then not only have three weeks been lost, but you haven't even done something original, and you've reached a dead end; this is a temptation that must be resisted, there's no need to add yet another copy to the many that fill such Pinterest boards...

As well as the book by Mar Arza (posted January 2014), a little house with ladders by Este Macleod (posted 2009) often pops up and needs tracking down and crediting. In this case it's my fault for using three images and not putting her name in the captions - a link is given at the start of the sequence, but has disappeared from the screen -

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