28 January 2015

All wound up

It was good fun at Espacio Gallery's Anti-Gallery Gallery show last week, sitting and doing things with wool and thread - some people came because they knew what was going on, and others came in off the street, looked at the work on display, and stayed to help wind a memory ball or do some knitting -

Other things were going on too - Pat was inviting people to try printmaking -
and Esperanza was making a fluorescent ball, which she squeezed out the door to sit on the pavement -
My idea for the memory ball is that a person would be enjoying the sweet while winding the wrapper into the ball -

Some of the winders -
Gabrielle and Karin, from Hastings
Two young men from Madrid who now live nearby
Catherine [hope I remembered the name right!] introduced the idea of tearing the wrappers
Shirene also contributed a length of braiding
Knitting instruction was on offer
Viva learned, Agnese already knew how
(note the display of  newly-made prints on the wall)
Later on...
Morwenna with some of her Continuous Making project
Tap performance by members of Women's Tap Rhythm Collective
 After which, more winding -
In the background, near the window, Caroline's knitting, to which we contributed


Plum Cox said...

What a splendid collection of 'doing' and people doing the doing!
Looks like a splendid day.

Pat Hulin said...

Sorry I missed the tapdancers

Jane said...

Hey Margaret ... I must have just missed you ... I had some of my work in the aPanopticon with Graham Asker. I wish I'd been there when you were!