04 January 2015

Quick trip to the British Museum

On a rainy Saturday, what better than going to a museum? Certainly the BM was packed - there was a queue up the stairs at the front entrance, and a man with a megaphone just inside the doors telling people to keep moving straight ahead into the Great Court. Oh the slowness of the shuffling crowds - and that entrance area is so dimly lit....

Much brighter in the Great Court -
98 steps take you to the Upper Floors of the museum
My task, with a view to finding a gallery for Drawing Tuesday, was to see if the Korean Gallery has reopened - and it has - but it will have to wait for another day, in favour of the Japanese Gallery, which has many delightful objects, including this bowl of 1000  feather leaves -
It took Hosono Hitome over six months to make it.
(click to enlarge)

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