17 September 2019

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

Ancient Cyprus was the gallery for meeting up.

These statues caught my eye, and I hoped to draw half a dozen of them
 but time permitted only three, in two brownish colours of inktense pencil -
Jo, kept outside the building by a horde of people simultaneously arriving by coaches and needing to pass through the narrow gate of the security bag-check, found some ideal subjects in some builders, who stood still for a long time -
 and, more lively, some young women eating their lunch -
Janet B didn't have the problem of the subject moving - this portrait was done in stone, in ancient Cyprus -
 She rendered the jugs in 6B pencil -
 Janet K captured a variety of painted or sculpted animals -

 Judith found a triple-bodied warrior -
 and a young Roman man -
The variations of colour are from wetting the ink (Rotring cartridge).

Extra-curricular activities

Jo acquired a Thames foreshore permit

Janet B has been making banana bread -
Janet K took her sketchbook to Kew Gardens and looked at different types of foliage, including some that we identified as Metasequoia (dawn redwood) -
The group is meeting without me for the next two weeks and I hope someone will be taking photos!

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