31 January 2012

Assessment, before and after

Before the assessment - my three sections - reflection (the notebooks and the blog posts); resolution (the 'journey lines' laid to rest in the form of a book and as screenprinted bags); and regeneration - the ashes of past projects.
Not all that much 'work' to get 'feedback' on - unless you count the blogging as various books with a specific kind of content - they do include narrative, sequence, structure, after all. But for the assessors to make a "story" out of this presentation would take a little work on their part.

Sometimes you get too wrapped up in your idea of what's needed, and miss seeing the wood for the trees. Never mind, it's done and dusted - this is what I found on returning to collect the work -
Valuable for me in terms of the review involved - the salvaging of things that are still relevant - the desire to do "something else" (still related to everyday journeys and/or travelling on the underground) - and now, being free to move on.

We have to wait a couple of weeks to get our feedback - the assessors have to write up their notes...

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Jane Housham said...

But what was the feedback you got? Is it ok to ask that? You understand I'm sort of having the experience of being a student vicariously...