23 January 2012

Moan on Monday - continuing chaos

While the bathroom work is underway, the studio is a dumping ground - bikes removed from the hallway so that boards can be stored there; fittings piled in front of fabric cupboards and bookshelves; some of the toolboxes kept here so that the builder actually has room to move -
 Sometimes the workbench gets cleared, and usually my desk is accessible, so I mustn't moan too much -
Apart from the physical inconvenience, the insidious effect is the mental confusion that any sort of renovation entails. Entire cupboards are rendered inaccessible. Things get moved around several times and you can't find what you need. There seems no place to get away from the extra people in the house. You can't really settle down to doing any one thing, and even if you plan to, gathering up what you need can be a frustrating exercise. I am spending more time on the computer, when I want and need to be getting on with studio work  in some sort of systematic way. Still, this could be a good time to do reading and research and thinking. Enough of the moaning, then!

But the infrastructure stages of the work seem to take forever! Maybe the job will be finished in January - maybe not ...


magsramsay said...

Brings back memories of moving everything from one room to another and back again repeated several times. Not forgetting the dust, lots of dust. Worth it though!!
We actually moved out for 2 weeks at one point, staying with different friends - progress was a lot faster without us around.

patty a. said...

I feel your pain! I tore out both of my bathrooms at the same time and the whole house was a wreck! The upstairs bathroom was located over the downstairs bathroom and they both needed gutted so it was my only choice. The downstairs bathroom got put back together, but I still have not finished the upstairs one. It was worth the effort to do this. I had a lot of moisture problems, bugs, and mold from the previous owner, but now the house smells better and the bugs have left the building! Just wait until it is done - you will feel so special!