17 October 2014

A little more art in W1

Claudi Casanovas, of whose show and work I wrote in 2009, has new work at Erskine, Hall & Coe (till 23 Oct) - all the work is shown online but here is my own overview -

We puzzled about how he got that conglomerate texture, so like stones, and whether the pieces were hollow.

"He explores complex ideas using a mixture of local and imported clays, subjecting both to physical, chemical and esthetic experiments. Organic materials, metals and metal oxides create porous openings and unusual colors in the unglazed surface. After firing, the piece is subjected to further cutting, sandblasting and polishing. The final sculpture is a very personal expression of fundamental emotional ties with the earth." (via)

Also at the gallery, a few drawings by Matthew Harris - strips of waxy paper sewn together with long, couched threads -
Mixed media on paper, bound with waxed threads
On to Marlborough Fine Art to see Paula Rego's "The Last King of Portugal" ... her always-interesting "slightly Freudian" scenarios and figures, this time mainly in pastels -
 All the pictures are on the gallery's website, at least till the show ends (25 Oct).
"Get out of here you and your filth" 120 x 160 cm (via)
Passing quickly by Dover Street Market - something to investigate another day -
Window by Phoebe English and Set Designer Phillip Cooper created using
components referencing Phoebe’s SS15 collection

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