05 October 2014

Worlds within worlds, you could say

These bottles in a window caught my eye in Amsterdam -

(So did this hairless cat, quite near the red light district -
but that's another story.)

The bottles say Bols and KLM, and it's easy to find out more about them.

"The KLM houses are presents to travelers a board KLM flights in Business and Royal Class. They have been presented over a long period and thus have become collector items. There are 93 different types which are numbered 1 - 93.

"There is Dutch Genever, 35% alcohol, in the houses, which are in fact bottles with a cork and seal on top. Sometimes the genever has been drunk but mostly the empty bottles were empty all along. On flights to some countries with alcohol restrictions empty houses are presented. On some of the houses a sticker explains this by referring to customs regulations. (Empty due to custom regulations on this flight) Sometimes there is a cork and seal and sometimes there isn't (and never was) on the empty bottles."

Read more of their history here.

Here's one collection (see them separately here) -
Is this all 93? (via)

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Olga Norris said...

Gosh, what I missed out on! I flew KLM only once, from Singapore back home, and it was not business class, but I have a lovely little ceramic tile coaster from that trip - and I keep it still.