02 July 2015

Back in the garden

Coming back to London yesterday I found the temperature in the 30s, very summery indeed, and gave up on doing anything immediately. Cooler is definitely better, and the garden was my first catching-up task this morning.

Not only has the intended herb garden been taken over by a leafy nasturtium (I stuck in some decade-old seeds, here and there, and many have actually come to life) -

but full-grown weeds have settled in - everywhere -

There is such a variety of these visitors ... they are unable to sign the guest book, but I can find out their names, should they wish to visit again. My Berlin sketchbook stilll has a few empty pages; they can be recorded there.

It started to rain shortly after I went outside to draw the weeds, so I brought some samples inside -
Impatience dictated that the samples would be young weeds - that's when you want to pull them out, after all, before they get big and flower and go to seed - or spread underground. It may require some trips back and forth to find older versions, for identification purposes.

This website has an alphabetical list of weeds found in a north london garden. I've drawn a dozen of my weeds and found several among the As, Bs, and Cs.

Of course my weed may be your cherished wildflower ... or vice versa.

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