22 July 2015

Ceramics, day 1 (of 3)

Three Sundays to indulge in slip-dipping ... as long as I can make enough textile tubes during the week.

Out of nowhere came the idea for a bias tube - would the springyness of the fabric hold up against the weight of the slip? These were ready for the first session, some quite tiny, the largest about 7" high -
Most have metallic thread or fabric stitched on. Another factor to get right is the balance of dark areas against the white of the porcelain.

The "before" photos - once they are fired, I intend to do a "before and after" sequence -
Left, the bias is double-wrapped; right, sewn together to make a simpler tube

Metal threads woven into springy silk

Synthetic organza with machine-sewn tucks

Right, "plastic" metal threads woven into the fabric - the grid is useful for nice neat patterns

Stitching on the wild side - and the threads to hold the tubes during dipping are in place
And now for the "during" photos - the process - should you wish to try this at home.

Dipping - the larger tubes tend to crinkle up around the top -
 Dripping, suspended from sticks -
 and from a tripod made of chopsticks -
 The wire contraption is to hold the top open during dipping and dripping. It sort of worked.

The double layer will be interesting ... will the slip permeate all layers of fabric, or will it form thin sheets that crumble? Until I know, I won't be making more like this -
 The day's dippings, set onto bases (most of them) and resting on molochite for eventual firing -
 These few need to dry out properly before going into the kiln -
The task for the week is to make at least a dozen more of the bias tubes, and some heat-set organza ones. Fingers crossed that the ones in the tray actually do get fired, so that I can see what works and what doesn't, in terms of making more textile tubes for the final session in this (very!) short course. 

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Connie Rose said...

Sheesh, more of your awesome ceramic tinkering!

Sandy said...

Okay. I love these as always. To be honest, These I love before the dipping!