23 February 2016

Bloomin' wet

Two pairs of garden photos, to show the joys of the season - a somewhat early one -
The little daffs are a miracle, sprung to life in a neglected windowbox after drying out all summer; the tiny irises are so perky, so brave!

As for the inevitable rain - it does stop sometimes -
Is it time to be out there, planting, now? Or sowing seeds? Or ordering plants?  Gardeners, what would you recommend for a small garden?

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Sandy said...

I'd wait. It is only Feb after all and things can rot if the soil becomes waterlogged. Don't pay attention to the fact that they sell things!

Only thing I might suggest, if you didn't have them for overwinter, is some polyanthus/primula type flowers to finish off the winter or maybe some pansies.

A good idea in the meanwhile is to get one or both of Mr Hessayon's books on flowers or bulbs. http://www.expert-books.co.uk/expertbooks.asp
We have quite a few of these books. I find them very useful, but especially when it is about British plants and weather.