29 July 2016

Footloose in Richmond

Having had coffee with a friend, I went for a little explore, stopping indecisively in a charity shop or two, not really interested in shopping ... so out came the camera, because there's lots of quirkyness and loveliness among the touristy quaintness and desirable residences of Richmond.
You can feel quite lost, wandring about
Or ... re-invent yourself through art?
Richmond is on the Thames -
View from the bridge
Boats for hire, nice day out
Interesting old buildings -
Preserving history in an old painted sign

Fairly recent history

18th century door cases

There's something about a nice pair of doors....

More doors, early 20th century
 Down a side street -
An elegant sign

Gallery (closed) and studio (also closed)
 Elsewhere -
Ironwork ... in excess ...

Bollards extraordinaire

Amazing wall of flowering jasmine ... and huge wisterias on the same street
 The downside is a flight path -
Descending to Heathrow

1 comment:

Stitchinscience said...

Lovely post Margaret. For all the quirkiness, river and general loveliness that is Richmond and this part of West London, it is now ruined by aircraft noise.

We are leaving after 27 years of living here.

Unfortunately, many,many Londoners are also suffering from increased noise due to flightpath changes imposed by NATS ( National Air Traffic Service), even before the expansion of City Airport and Heathrow or Gatwick. I really noticed the lower arrivals when I went to the Serpentine, and when I went to Highgate. I would not say I am particularly sensitive to noise, so I cannot be the only one who is noticing these un-consulted changes to our air. Apologies, rant over!