01 July 2016

ipad drawing, Home project

Having taken the photograph at home, I take the ipad to a coffee shop and turn the photo into a drawing -
Each colour is on a separate layer, perhaps to be changed later. What you can't change, but only redraw, is the thickness of the lines.

Adding a filled layer behind everything gives a quite different effect -
Also the colours have all been desaturated, ie made white.

(This post is linked to Off The Wall Fridays. Some background on my ipad drawings and Home project can be found here.)


Charlton Stitcher said...

I love the delicacy of this and, of course, the black and white of the desaturated version! You are obviously a master with your iPad. My attempts are all rather heavy-handed and unsubtle.

Heather James said...

This is interesting. What drawing programme are you using on your ipad?

Margaret Cooter said...

The program is Brushes Redux - but I use only the simplest things, at the moment anyway - the brush with the rounded ends, line widths, and colour, usually in separate layers for each colour, so they can be inverted or desaturated layer by layer.

Delicacy, if desired, can be obtained through thinner lines - and it helps control of the lines if you zoom in to 400% or more.

Gwyned Trefethen said...

I'm so impressed with your steadiness of hand using the iPad. I recently took a class on Art on the iPad. We used Sketches Pro, for what you have done, but I found tracing the photo underneath was hit or miss. You have created such a wonder line drawing with yours. Any tricks for staying on the lines?