22 November 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Wallace Collection

In the exhibition space at the Wallace Collection (till 27 November), The Middle by Tom Ellis - paintings after Daniel Teniers "A Shoemaker in his Workshop" (1671), differently rendered, mixed with furniture - tippy-up tables with painted-canvas tops. And an "environment" of loosely-papered walls created, and everything carefully placed. (Under this table is a bit of floor that lifts up, probably an electrical outlet.)

In this video the artist reflects on painting and furniture making and the relation between the two in his work.

Wandering through the collection I found a little 14th century reliquary made in northern France; intrigued by the text, I drew it several times. It attained something like its true shape on the third attempt.

Janet had done the "draw your hand" homework - four drawings taking 5 minutes each - and had another go at the back of the horse - her first drawing of it was in May 2015 -
 Sue's fully articulated gauntlet - German, 1460-65 -
 Najlaa found patterning in the glassed areas of the ceiling -
 Joyce was held up by train problems but made an impressive start, using the mid-tone of the paper and adding white highlight -
(Must try that sometime...)

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