11 November 2016

Lights, colours, action

Glass lanterns built in above old doors - 18th century? No doubt there's an architectural term for them, but I can't find it. (A transom lantern,maybe?) These two are seen along Kew Green -

 ... and these lanterns are at a commemorative spot along the towpath - a young man, 30 years old, died nearby -

Moving from light(s) to colour, from the riverside walk to a circumambulation inside Kew Gardens - here are  autumnal colours in the gardens. I recognise the oak leaves, but not the others -

Red oak!

The leaves were slow to turn this year, and now the wind and rain are taking them down ... brief pleasures, the autumn colours.

While waiting for Kew Gardens to open, I walked along the riverside (part of the Thames Path) as far as the railway bridge -
... on the other side of which is the Snail Reserve (who knew?) -
It was low tide, and rowers were out on the water, gliding past the eyot (Brentford Ait) -

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