31 July 2018

Drawing Tuesday - RAF Museum

Building work on the large hangar had finished - it now houses an exhibition called RAF Stories, which includes small versions of some of the planes for kids to sit in -
Those life-sized figures (photo on other side) can be disconcerting - their eyes follow you around the room....

I found the Amy Johnson doll and got out the coloured pencils -

(click on photo to enlarge text)

 We met in the cafe (cakes only) under the wings of the Sunderland -
 which Janet K had drawn from the observation platform upstairs -
 Janet B's motorbike -
 Sue's collection of vehicles, also seen from the observation platform -
 I had also grappled with part of the big yellow rescue helicopter, carefully counting the rivets -

 One of the RAF stories concerned this burnt, disfigured engine -
 Wow -

(click on photo to read the story)

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