02 February 2021

Drawing Tuesday - "from my collection"

 It's hard to go through life without any sort of collection of objects, so the "collections" topic gives lots of drawing possibilities. This group started out to go drawing objects in museum collections - and now we're treating our homes, and the online world, like those museums, as repositories of collections.

Also we can draw on our collections of drawings...

From Jo - From a collection of "modernist" pebbles. Unfortunately the two "best" ones (in a "safe place") so those remain to be done another time. It makes me despair of "art" really, when "nature" is so talented!

From Carol  an early drawing in 2016 when I was using A6 books and very fine pens, not yet brave enough for colour. It’s a very interesting exercise to go back and see how your work has changed and I don’t feel it has stopped changing yet. After very much enjoying drawing at O level I spent most of my life being too busy for it with a feeling that it was not a ‘purposeful’ enough pastime, my parents view I think –then it sort of exploded out (in a tiny A6 sort of way).

From Sue B - A watercolour of tuscan hills through a newly erected arbor….2019, which was the year when I really started sketching in colour again, following a gap of 41 years after A level!

From Mags - I've been going through my indigo stash including a selection of Ndope strip cloth pieces from Cameroon, bought from John Gillow. I did have a go at drawing a small fragment last year, you see so much when you draw, the variations in hand twisted thread for a start.

From Janet K - Happy friends.

From Joyce - some pebbles pick up from Climping beach, I can’t resist picking interesting stones and shells.

From Judith - From my collection of stencils and french curves that due to computer Aided Design have become obsolete except for stitchers and fashion design!

From Janet B - I finally managed to sit down for an undisturbed hour and draw these two rock and roll teapots from my extensive collection of kitsch. 

From Jackie - A collection of earrings  from :

Top Row:         Cambridge, mother in law’s costume jewellery..50’s, V & A, S Africa
Second row:    Hong Kong, India,  Scotland, Iran
Bottom row:     my mum’s collection, India, Islington, Israel

From Ann - A sombre painting from 35 years or more. The plight of refugees.

From Sue K - Here’s my piece from my batch of personalised handmade birthday cards. This was for Richard’s November birthday - he loves mushrooms, (sadly l’ve developed a serious aversion) so l found a selection of edible wild mushrooms to get interesting shapes & colours to make the letters.

From Gill - my collection of shells found and bought. As my sister gave me a big box of metallic acrylics for Christmas I have used them all to colour in the shapes and now have a colour and pigment reference of them.

From Najlaa - From perfume pictures I collect.

From me - My own "collection" refers to research for this term's woodblock printing project, "something to do with Children's Day" - I zero'd in on kokeshi dolls, checked them out online, and quickly bought this one -

They are made in the forested northeast of Japan - this short video made in 2011 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfPapG4EnPg&ab_channel=JapanstoreTV) shows the process of making them.

Finding more images online, I "collected" various faces in the traditional style -

and also traditional patterns, mostly sashiko, for the figures' kimonos -

To give you an idea of where this is going - a two-block print, about A4 size

I used the waste areas of the figures to practise cutting the fine details of the faces (they need to be even smaller) and to try the white-line patterning -

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