23 February 2021

Drawing Tuesday - statues, vases, jugs/pitchers

A nice straightforward topic, with lots of choices and scope. No explanation needed, or wanted, no doubt!

From Janet K A sculpture by our friend John Cobb. The interior has lots of detail.

From Najlaa This vase called Manhattan by Royal Winton.

From Sue K -  a copper tea urn which emerged every Christmas at home, along with mince pies, when guests descended.

From Gill -  chose to add three small jugs to an old drawing in my sketchbook just to challenge myself. 

From Richard Well I might have a shiny new paint-box of 24 colours, but I'm having trouble choosing the right ones!

From Mags - I went out early for the first walk in over a week and gathered a 'posy' of brambles to draw tomorrow. I drew my little blue vase ( actually an eyebath) that I've had since a child using different media then realised I also drew it for ' glasses' theme in September ! Feels like Groundhog Day ( I blame the snow)..... 

From Judith - One small vase repeated. 

From Janet B - A couple of jugs. I’m so enjoying drawing at the moment 

From Ann - An African statue which I drew a few weeks ago 

From Jo - At the top, "?very old" - with raised decoration; below, Booth's parrot ware.

From me - Following on from an online paper cutting session, I used a variant of the method shown, applied to a printout of  shelves cluttered with jugs etc found in a 1997 issue of World of Interiors. The idea was to cut away some areas and leave others. Two printouts of different scales and a colourful magazine page were layered up, held together with tape, and cut all at once, then the "frames" and the outlines and jugs interchanged.

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