03 March 2021

Drawing Tuesday - texture

Texture is everywhere. It's easy to capture it with "rubbings" and amazing what kinds of textures appear. Max Ernst often used it -

(While finding that image, I came across  the term grattage and while looking it up (is it the same as frottage) found this educational course - https://artwithkorb.com/tag/grattage/ - interesting to see how online is used to supplement studio time!)

A possibility is to "unpick" textures by changing their scale. Just a thought.

Another possibility is to try out various tools and media for getting various textures - explorative drawing.

Back to texture-as-texture. Two other artists quickly sprang to mind - for mark-making, Van Gogh - this, for example -

and for tonal texture, Jasper Johns' grey works  -

From Sue K - l crept around yesterday doing wax rubbings from various objects - but few were deployed on my breakfast board ‘piece’!

... and, sent later ... "I had another go at this today doing combo rubbings in multi colour - felt better for it!"

From Jackie - Inspired moments some years ago after a City lit course ..torn tissue paper and wrapping paper with pen strokes ‘art ideas’ referencing the sea and then transferred to ceramic vessel using oxides stains and molochite for texture

From Sue B - a brass rubbing i did when about aged 11 at westminster abbey…and which i recently (early 2020) had framed…so loved brass rubbing!
[Sorry, Sue, I couldn't straighten the pic because part of the frame was missing!!]

From Janet B - Enlarged multicoloured raffia basketweave.

From Ann - A few textures:
Rubbing from an eagle head trivet, Victoria
Whitstable beach 2017 
Fantasy tree trunks in glade...textured piece for book illustration course

From Joyce - I’ve been experimenting with Quink and bleach to create textures on a tree in Kelsey Park,Beckenham. Spot the pigeon keeping an eye on the children!  The foliage is mono printed papers collages on. I used a toothbrush for drawing some of the textures, fun to experiment (play)!

From Gill - Some textured egg cups.

From Mags - I had a ' Frottage Frenzy' in my studio using crayons on used Colour Catchers. My favourites were: treasures from my windowsill ( stones, shells, fossils, bits of pottery); rubbings of stitch and sewing equipment ( scissors , thimbles, bobbins etc) and African baskets.

From Janet K - Wire rings on the edge of my sketch book and woven leather - frottage (great word). 
Fur fabric, edge of wooden box, wastepaper basket - drawing
Lace - stencil

From Judith - Lots of wonderful tree trunks where I walk most days.

From  me - The third of what will be six experiments in papercutting. I drew, I cut, I arranged ...

and then it descended into mere frottage, randomly using the negative spaces, the uncut areas -  

If you look closely, you might see woods and hedges -

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