06 April 2021

Drawing Tuesday - in the garden

As the arctic blasts return, it's bad timing for this topic!! At least we're not meeting in some chilly park....

A useful video for drawing landscape-design trees, starting with a circle:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOzVvlGHJ58&ab_channel=EricArneson. Part 2, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd0AK5u4ImA&ab_channel=EricArneson, shows how to colour them in. Lots of possibilities for pattern making.

Another line of attack for this theme is via gardens in the history of art; Monet, anyone?

Or, look out the window into a garden... 

From Joyce - This is a collage I made yesterday at a zoom workshop by the Curwen Print Study Centre.  The Pagoda is a transfer image print, all prints made on my Gelli plate, my latest lockdown toy!

From Ann - Memories of sketching this scene in the sunny garden of a lovely small hotel in Breil sur Royale, south of France. As the waitress prepares a table for lunch ....

From Judith - Mostly painted indoors as so cold but very cheering in the garden.

From Sue K - used a pic taken in sun & warmth the other day!

From Carol - Starlings squabbling on the feeder. I have enjoyed encouraging birds into the garden this year.
And suncatchers made with glass and glue -

From Janet K - My alpine strawberry plant survived the winter outside and now is flowering!

From Mags -  I did several quick sketches... My favourite  is the  one with  green Pitt Calligraphy Pen in A6 daily sketchbook. In regards to the other - note to self to test pen is waterproof before adding watercolour.... 

From Janet B - My garden is looking particularly woebegone at the moment so I drew this selection of pots and plants from photos and memory. I never realised quite how many green pencils I had, none of them the right shade obviously, but it was fun to play with them all. 

From Gill - My camellia and euphorbia in full bloom.
A drawing done with my left hand then ink added as I couldn’t resist using colour.

From me - Clippings from very very old sage plants that we took out of the garden - they resembled wild beasts -
Brought indoors and left to roam...

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