01 June 2021

Drawing Tuesday - pots and/or baskets

Before you start, do have a look at http://contemporarybasketry.blogspot.com/ if you need a little inspiration!

From Mags - At the British Museum it felt like old times , drawing in Room 72 ( Ancient Cyprus ) . Then on the way out spotted this ceramic version of a basket ! 

Then on the way out spotted this ceramic version of a basket ! 

From Sue K - Here’s my basket - used for storing my various reels of cotton. Got a bit lost in the pattern - that’s what goes when trying to be looser! 

From Carol - Here are pots in brass, stone and wood. I am a sucker for big bottom pots so have quite a few. Loved drawing them.

From Ann - A painting and drawing of pots...always enjoyable.

From Judith -  Part of my linen basket. Sailor pen and water brush.

From Joyce - Here’s a pot made by my sister. Very chunky and heavy, looks good with dried seed heads.

From Gill - I bought a lovely basket many years ago which hangs in my dining room. It inspired me to slice up an old painting and weave it back together.

From Janet B - Here is one I did five years ago at a British Museum drawing class with Mags. It was a 30-minute sketch with chalk and charcoal, so inevitably rather messy. Good to be forced out of my 2B comfort zone. 

From Janet K - Chimney pots - slightly askew. The view from our bedroom window.

From me - This topic spurred me on to empty a graceful Japanese basket that had become a dusty home to cola pens, funky brushes, 17 marbles and a few other things. I started trying to do blind drawings (top left) but all that crissing and crossing needed close attention. A chance to use various chunky felt pens.

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