25 May 2021

Drawing Tuesday - fruit & veg

 Ah, fruit and vegetables, that old favourite, such a good standby... but infinitely various!

A still life, possibly.

A cross-section, possibly.

A heap, possibly.

A pattern, possibly. 

Tonal? Colourful? Pencil, pen, watercolour, coloured pencils, felt pens....

From Sue K - Here is my piece for the day: a water melon miasma in pastel. 

From Richard - Trying to avoid detail and let it flow but nearly gave up when I saw Judith’s onions before I started - absolutely lovely.

From Judith - Quick contribution as out meeting friends for lunch, hurrah!

From Carol - Inspired by a highchair.

From Najlaa - This is my drawing of lemons. I have really enjoyed this week's theme because I love lemons!

From Joyce - I might not get around to painting this week but here’s one I did recently!

From Gill - Blueberries. A collage using an old drawing.

From Janet B - A colourful pineapple. Drawing this afternoon has been an enjoyable displacement activity for my long list of domestic chores. 

From Sue B - a couple of sketches of gorgeous red apples… they reminded me of a poem written by a good friend, a chilean refugee poet called Maria Bravo…

I want to eat
a big red apple
tasting healthy
in its special apple way

I want nothing else today
just to eat an apple
not thinking
anything as I

sit on a wall
swinging my feet, 
the world go by.

That’s all.
Happy to be
with my apple.

From Janet K - Fruit and veg for tonight's supper.

From Mags -  No time for drawing yesterday as I had my first trip to London since March  2020. So in Photoshop I altered photos  of the monstrous  (but delicious) local strawberries  from the market. 

From Sylvia -

From me -  an imperfectly-remembered illustration seen at the Shirley Sherwood botanical illustration gallery at Kew Gardens led to this attempt at reconstructing what was a citrus fruit, originally delineated in two panels printed on separate pages, to fit the Japanese book format -

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