13 July 2021

This week's topic is "something intricate or miniature". You may want your reading specs, or a magnifying glass, for this one! 

I find the phone camera is a useful aid - you can zoom in on details in the photo, and it can be surprising what you see! 

A strong light - summer sunshine, if we're lucky - is another useful aid. A lamp has the advantage of being able to manipulate the shadows, should you be after shadows as well - instead of - the "pure" object.

From Judith - Dictionary describes intricate as perplexingly detailed which fits this carburettor for a chain saw engine! 

From Janet K - My attempt to draw the workings of a can opener.

From Ann - Grandson Noah produced the tiniest shell and asked me to paint it for him.  A little daunted by this but with the aid of a magnifying glass painted in watercolours and gave the shell a bigger look!

From Joyce - Here are a pair of earrings, in real life they are the same size!

From Mags - Drawings of earrings bought on my travels on tea dyed used Colour Catchers.

From Gill - Tried different media to draw delicate plant parts. [Spot the one using chunky graphite stick!]

From Carol - here is my miniature

From Sue K - Here’s my intimate view of a Peony lacking petals. Lots of interesting marks in the calyx .

From Najlaa - mini nail polish

From me - the view of medieval Rome was copied from a pamphlet produced by the tourist board in 1995, full of interesting images, with no info on their sources. I think this was an engraving, about 4cm diameter. I doubled the size, sketched in a pencil draft, and "just copied" - it took a few hours. The border remains untouched by the pen.

 Good practice for noticing tiny details.

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