21 February 2012

Art I like - Lesley Dill

Some of Lesley Dill's sculptures use paper, some metal, some - like "A Spider Sewed at Night" - are wire -
Many of her works are voluminous (but unwearable) dresses, incorporating words -
Hinged poem dress
Her prints combine the body and language -
In an interview, she says, "You have to work; work to make money to support yourself, to make art you have to be ruthless and disciplined. After ten years of awful art I feel I got lucky. I went to galleries and made friends. Then I got accoladed with galleries. Its really important to exhibit your work."

She also says she reads all the time: "That’s part of the engaged reverie. The reading is where my work comes from. That’s how I found home, from language."

Often I find that reading the words "takes over" the visual aspects of the art, but not so much with Lesley Dill's words and work. Is this because the words don't read easily, and the shapes do?

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