25 February 2012

Book du jour - ink plus

Yesterday newspaper (very fragile, even pulpy, when wet) - today onionskin, with the addition of various pens and pencils and sticks of graphite -
 It didn't absorb the ink as readily as newspaper, even diluted with water. One or other of the pens wasn't permanent. The gold edge, though, isn't likely to have come from the gold pencil -
I did like the gold writing and used it for another onionskin book, this time torn against the grain (to see if pages would curl differently). What to write? The loopy line was quite satisfying - simple but varied in size, slant, spacing, and rhythm of writing. It showed through the page a little.
 It's tempting to dip the whole book into water, spine first, to see if the ink will dissolve and give off those orange "flames".

At the end of the second session, a total of nine books. Soon mounts up!

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