24 February 2012

Book du jour - inky books

The stapled spines of the free evening newspaper do have their uses... The spine was dipped in water and the foredge into black Quink - where ink and water met, the colour separated.

A smaller book similarly treated - then blotted before using the hairdryer on it -
At the end of the session, some very inky books -
 and one less so (completely dipped in water and then the spine dipped in ink) -
Not sure how this fits into "daily journeys" or "line as text" - just experiments, seeing what will happen if....


Sandy said...

wery fascinating.

and am I seeing another option from the 'blotting pages'?
Sort of like what happened when you were doing partial pulls of your lines when printing?

also, for contextuality with what you are following...maybe there is one more step. When I did C+G design. we took inked work and then using a cotton bud or cocktail stick, we made marks in the ink using bleach. So, maybe your inked books need some line work?

Sandy said...

or even very instead of wery. How did that get there?

Connie Rose said...

These are very special...I love them.