06 February 2012

Winter at Kew Gardens

The snow was starting to melt by the time we got to Kew Gardens yesterday (trains don't start running till 9.30), but there was time to get some of the usual snowscene photos -

 Didn't expect to see any peacocks, though -
 Families had built snowmen in various places - an echo of the Henry Moore sculptures at the gardens several years ago -
Because of flight cancellations at Heathrow, you could hear the birds rather than the planes. A real feeling of stillness, no wind and the muffling effects of the snow.

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magsramsay said...

Still snow here today - I love seeing the guinea fowls perched in the trees whittering. One of the peacocks used to come when it was cold and sit on the porch outside the building I work in but haven't seen 'George' for a few years. He was in disgrace after scratching a new car with his spurs when mistaking his reflection for another male (brain the size of a pea!)